Who Are We?

The Waging Dialogue Project is a search for new and better ways of communicating across divides. Cultural and technological forces are dividing people across modern society, leaving political systems stagnant and ineffectual. Efforts to address this toxic polarization typically stress the need for debate, empathy, and compromise, but this may not provide a complete or lasting solution. As unprecedented advances in technology radically reshape how we interact, the time to develop a model for true shared understanding may be now or never. This will require a major advancement in the science of human psychology. LEARN MORE

Let’s Build a Movement

We are proud to partner with other organizations and work together toward the goal of human understanding! If you would like to support our work or collaborate, please share your ideas. FILL OUT OUR INTEREST FORM or CONTACT US

Read Dr. Alice L Maher’s NEW ARTICLE published in the Harvard Social Impact Review

Read Dr. Alice L Maher’s PRESENTATION at the 2023 Congress of the International Psychoanalytic Association

Learn about our Education Initiatives

We are proud to work with institutions of secondary and higher education. Our sister initiative, Emotional Imprint, has K-12 educational resources available for free online. LEARN MORE

We are proud to partner with the Collaborative for Compassionate Civic Engagement on its Civics Corps Initiative at community colleges nationwide. LEARN MORE

Our full Civics Corps Intergenerational Dialogue Program for undergraduate students is AVAILABLE ONLINE

Waging Dialogue is a project of Changing our Consciousness, Inc. Please consider donating to support our work. Thank you!

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Waging Dialogue Blog

WAGING DIALOGUE is a project of CHANGING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 2009, that develops theoretical, methodological, and educational tools to understand and mitigate intergroup conflict. By developing emotional literacy – the capacity to view the world through others’ eyes – we facilitate dialogue between people of different thoughts, beliefs and communication styles, counter prejudice and stigma, and transform education. Join one of our projects and become part of the next innovation in human understanding.