What Are We Doing?

The Waging Dialogue Project is an experiment in better communication. We seek to discover a new language that will counteract the cultural and technological forces that divide people across modern society.

Let’s Build a movement
We are proud to partner with other organizations and work together toward the goal of human understanding! Please contact us to share your ideas.

Educational Resources
We are proud to work with institutions of secondary and higher education. Check our our sister organization, Emotional Imprint, for more educational resources!

Waging Dialogue is a project of Changing our Conciousness, inc. Please consider donating to support our work. Thank you!

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WAGING DIALOGUE is a project of CHANGING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 2009, that develops theoretical, methodological, and educational tools to understand and mitigate intergroup conflict. By developing emotional literacy – the capacity to view the world through others’ eyes – we facilitate dialogue between people of different thoughts, beliefs and communication styles, counter prejudice and stigma, and transform education. Join one of our projects and become part of the next innovation in human understanding.